Subway Surfers Cheats

 Subway Surfers, while being one of the best endless runners to come out in recent memory, is probably one of the most challenging as well. Here, you’re tasked with getting the kid out of the subway in different missions and such. The thing is, the missions never end for the skilled while all too quickly do people lose because of a small mistake. This is why the title is so good, as it doesn’t always hold your hand through the whole thing. Rather, it will let you develop your own style of play, as most good games do. However, for some people, getting the ropes is still a bit of a challenge and sometimes Subway Surfers cheats are necessary.

All Subway Surfers Cheats

Downloadable Hack for Unlimited Coins

If you want to get your hands in a lot of coins in the shortest possible time, then we suggest you download a cheat hack. There’s a hack available that can give you a million coins in an instant. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Download and install the hack’s APK file. You can find in this external link here.
  2. Make sure you have the most recent version of the game. If not, update through Google Play Store.
  3. Back up your Subway Surfers data. A good app to use is Titanium Backup app.
  4. Uninstall the game.
  5. Install the hack you downloaded.
  6. Open your new Subway Surfers game. You should have unlimited coins by now. Buy everything your heart desires. Heck, you can even buy stuff you don’t need.
  7. Back up the data again. Make sure not to overwrite your previously backed-up file. This means you now have 2 backups.
  8. Uninstall the hacked Subway Surfers game.
  9. Go back to Google Play Store and install the normal version of the game.
  10. Restore the data from the hack back-up.

Execute cheats that provide Hoverboards and Characters

Subway Surfers had previous promos in the past wherein they made certain boards and characters available for a limited period. There were a lot of players who missed out on these promos. But there’s a way to get them by using the Time Travelling Cheat:

  1. Go to your phone or tab’s “Settings”.
  2. Select “Date and Time”.
  3. Adjust the date settings to any of the dates below.
  4. Open the game and check out the new board or character.
Adjust Date to Get This Character Get this Hoverboard
May 30, 2013 None Miami Special
May 30, 2013 Nick Flamingo
May 27, 2013 None Cherry
May 4, 2013 Harumi Fortune
Apr. 5, 2013 Kim Outback
Mar. 1, 2013 None Chicky (play the Egg Hunt event and collect 100 eggs to get this board)
Feb. 28, 2013 Roberto Kick-off
Jan. 30, 2013 Carmen Toucan
Jan. 5, 2013 Tony Liberty
Dec. 1, 2012 Elf Tricky Starboard
Oct. 3, 2012 Zombie Jake None

Find Glitches that act as Cheats

Here are quick instructions to activate these in-game glitches. You will find that these cheats are hard to execute because they require precise actions at the right timing. Don’t be surprised that these cheats won’t work the first time around. You have to invest your time in order to execute them to perfection.

  • High-jump with a Jetpack: make an upward swiping motion just as your jetpack runs out. If done correctly, you should see your character execute a well-timed jump even when airborne.
  • Running Backwards: Make sure you have a Mega Headstart. Intentionally die a few seconds into your game. As you die, activate the Mega Headstart. This will cause your character to fly and run backwards. If not executed perfectly, the effect will be seen in the smoke emitted by the jetpack. The smoke will start moving in different directions.
  • Cheating Death: Just as you’re about to hit a roadblock (or any obstacle) while a train is by your side, swipe to the direction where the train is. This will cause your character to not die but instead run in place. Swipe left or right to continue with your game.
  • Coin-Doubler using a Jetpack: get a super sneaker and jet pack power up and use both together. Take note that this does not happen often; so consider yourself lucky if you find both at the same time. Collect coins before the both power ups run out. You will notice that each coin you collect is worth 2 coins.
  • Hoverboard Jetpack: this is another cheat that requires perfect timing. Get a hoverboard while playing the game. Collect a jetpack the second before your hoverboard disappears. This glitch will make your jetpack act like a hoverboard.
  • Invisible Hoverboard: Make sure you have a Mega Headstart power up. Intentionally die in the first seconds of the game. Activate the Mega Headstart and you will activate the Backward Run cheat. As you’re about to use up the Mega Headstart, click your hoverboard. This will cause your board to turn invisible.

Tips and Tricks to maximize gameplay

  • You’re better off on top of trains (and never under it). You get a better view of what’s ahead when on top of trains because the camera moves to your back. On the street, the camera is overhead.
  • Use hoverboards to their advantage. These boards can give you a 30-second power up, so know which board does what. There are boards that increase jumps (Bouncer), boards that stops you from crashing (Toucan), or boards that eliminate rolling (Lowrider).
  • When buying add-ons, invest in items that increase your coin-count. It’s wise to start with power-ups like the jetpack or the coin magnet, before investing in the super sneakers.
  • Use Mega Headstarts. This power up will give you 10,000 points in a jiffy.
  • Collect those coins like there’s no tomorrow. This is the essence of the game. The more coins you have, the more items (and characters) you can purchase.
  • Keep an eye out for those missions you have to accomplish. You can get a lot of stuff coming from the Mystery Box if you complete missions.
  • Use the glitch cheats whenever they present themselves in the game. Each game should present you with several opportunities to try them out.

The Conductor and his little Cheats

For games like this, cheats are too few and far in between, so you’ll have to be a little patient as some of these cheats are kind of light on help.

Unlocking the all Characters

This cheat is a bit tricky to achieve, but it is worth it if you want to play as someone else starting up. Hood is find and all, but sometimes you just want to try something new even if it is a skin change. First, you have to enter the game, and pick hood without entering a new level. Next, slide the character selection to the character that you want. Okay, from here on out, you have to be a bit patient as it takes a long while to make the cheat work. The optimal time is to hold down the “select” button for around 10 seconds before finally letting go. Once that is done, flick the screen to another character, go back, and select the one you were holding down the button for. Once you click on them, they should be available for use, and you’ll be playing as someone else besides Hood on the first level.

Another Subway Surfers Glitch

Okay, so during the duration of the game, you will be faced with a few “mystery boxes”. The rewards in these can often range between character coins to a lot more gold. If you feel that one thing simple isn’t enough as a reward for getting one of these babies, then there is a really simple trick that you can use to make the most out of one box. When you get one of these things, you will be prompted to “tap the box”. Don’t do it with one finger, instead, tap it with two or more of your fingers. This will result in more goodies from the box with no effort on your part. That’s probably one of the best glitches in the game; however, there is a chance that they may have patched over it already in newer versions.

A great way to further exploit the glitch above is to use your coins to keep buying these mystery boxes. Since you already know how to get more stuff out of them, it only makes sense that you max out the use you get out of this Subway Surfer exploit while it lasts

We hope these cheats, glitches, tips and tricks will help you in your quest to become the best Subway Surfer. Try out these cheats and tricks and improve the gameplay of Subway Surfers now.