Subway Surfers Game

Ever since Canabalt came out with undoubtedly some of the most fun gameplay to ever grace mobile formats, many developers have tried to follow suit. However, that isn’t a bad thing as it is just the model by which many companies find success. Movies do it, the music industries fall prey to it, so gaming will inevitably be one of the industries that will also follow an unbroken model. It isn’t so bad though, as Subway Surfer Game is pretty innovative considering it’s based on a tried and true formula.

The Gameplay

Since the name “Canabalt” has already been mentioned, you probably already understand how this game works. It’s a never-ending runner with random levels spawned each time you start it up. That’s the premise down, so what’s the special hook? Okay, instead of using a constricted and small path, there are three lanes where you can control the little kid in the game. Within these three lanes, there are obstacles in the form of long tracks, all the while being littered with valuable coins as well. So the real challenge here is your leading and flicking reaction, as anything slower than almost instantaneous will end the game for you. At the same time, the three tracks are an interesting change, as you won’t have to anticipate the sharp curve coming up in front of you.

Of course, you’ve probably seen this gameplay before, sure. You’re probably wondering what will make this game worth it, even when it costs nothing. Well, the one thing that really makes this game stand out is the refinement of the gameplay, and possibly some of the tightest controls in a touch game. You won’t be pulling your hair out in frustration because of one missed turn, or because of lag-y flicks. Instead, it’s more precise, so you will know just when you actually made a mistake. This kind of control and assurance kind of hooks you in as you keep playing just to get better at it. The power-ups also shine in this game, as they are really designed to push you just a little bit further when collecting and running.

Subway Surfers Game Online

As with almost any freeware game, another hook to this game is online capability. Of course it isn’t possible to play with another device and you just largely play by yourself. However, friends that have the app themselves will find that scores are published on Facebook and GameCenter, so you can play competitively among friends. That really adds a little more in the way of interactivity and longevity as well.

The Last Word

Subway Surfers is truly a bit of a brainteaser. In terms of how it runs, no pun intended, it’s similar to a hundred other titles out there right now, the thing is that it works better than most of them. The game feels a lot more like Cananbalt when it first came out, as opposed to feeling like another retread. For those that are playing for the first time, then this is a title you can’t pass up, and that does go for more experienced gamers as well