Subway Surfers Guide

For those that are really busy, burst gaming is a bit of a relief. These games are designed to be played for a few minutes at a time, and they’ve also come a very long way from where they started. There are some games that still have challenge though, and for people who are kind of busy, losing at these games can be a bit demoralizing. This Subway Surfers guide is aimed at people who need a little help getting past tougher levels and succeed at certain missions that require a little too much.

Startup: Tips you can Use

Starting, you won’t have a lot. Just the hopes you have, a boy in a hood, and miles of subway tunnel. In retrospect that sounds wrong but that is the premise of the game so what can you do about it? So the first thing you need to master is controlling Hood so that you won’t end up hurting the kind in his attempt to evade the police. Practice is necessary as the game does emulate Temple Run. That means your moves have to smooth. Slide upwards to jump, down to roll, and side to side to move the kid around on the three railways. Sounds simple, but it takes a long time for anyone to master the beat and speed to perfect some runs. Just to practice this, try repeating some levels again and again until you get the handle of the moves.

Okay, so another basic tip is to collect as many coins as you can, but in this game that seems to go by the wayside. Of course most objectives are centered on getting points or coins, but they don’t require you to pick every coin on the screen. This is where strategy comes in and allows you to deviate a bit. You see, once you master the controls, or have a good handle of them at least, you’ll be able to run, jump, and generally just last longer on each level you pass. This may not seem like much, but in truth, it gives you an opportunity to increase points instead of coins.

A little more Advanced

For people playing for the meta game, that is to say getting the highest on online leaderboards, there are also other missions that are given to you as you progress. Daily challenges earn you a ton more points, and they keep the game entertaining because their aims are different every day. At the same time, they nap you tons of coins you can use to upgrade your power-ups, which then, in turn improve their use in your games. That will help you get all those hard to reach coins through the jetpack. Through the coin magnet, you’ll never have to miss a coin again as you make quick runs. These factors combined will make for a better chance to enhance your scores on the leader board. So there you have it, just a little bit of Subway Surfers help to get you through each level. Beyond that, there are also cheats you can try, or if you’re feeling like your wallet is a bit too heavy, you can also enter the store and buy more coins there