Subway Surfers Tips

Thinking about getting serious with your games? Well, Subway Surfers isn’t the most hardcore game around, but it does provide a level of strategic thinking that isn’t normally found in titles like this. Often, you’d think that a game like this wouldn’t require much thought, and then you check out Farmville or Mafia Wars on Facebook. They have massive fan bases that often take so many hours in a day playing these simple games. Besides, what’s wrong with wanting only the best scores, even if they’re found on a game like Subway Surfers?

Basic Subway Surfers Tips

So the first thing that is important is knowing what Subway Surfers offer in the way of strategic play. Put simple, it’s a lot of reaction and reflex against an increasingly hostile environment. The basic moves are to roll, jump, and move left to right and vice versa. These are all covered in the tutorial, so you don’t have to worry about them much. However, it’s what you do with this move set that will garner you the most points and coins, much like Temple Run only with added power ups and running lanes. Needless to say, practice is needed if you want to get on those online leaderboards, or just to beat your friends out of a high score. Beyond that, the social feature in the game is one of the dimensions that make the title even more competitive. So you really have to rack up the mission points if you want to place in the top slots.

The Subway Surfers Strategy: Using the Social Aspect

To do this, there are multiple ways and methods and that you can use. To extrapolate on the social feature, did you know that there is a way for you to gain coins without actually playing the game? That’s right, if you invite your friends on Facebook to join in, they will actually gain you quite a bit of coins while they play on their copies. To top that off, every time one of your friends beats your high score, you can be sure that you’ll want to tip them off the pedestal. It’s a cycle, a constructive one mind, and you can use it to enhance your upgrades.

Upgrades: Why you need to improve them

Almost every game that is free ware, and on mobile formats have a sort of upgrade system. In fact they use these upgrades in tandem with their store so that they can receive a bit of monetary gain. But this is not about the freeware business model; it’s about the upgrades in the SS.

The first one you’re going to want to upgrade is the Jetpack. It’s the only one that gets you to those hard to reach levels, and it protects you from problems on the ground, like the cops or incoming trains. Upgrading this will increase the time you spend on this little device. Coin magnet is another upgrade you’ll have to look into, and it works well wit the speed upgrade if you combine their powers.

Lastly, single service items like the hoverboard are also a great place to blow your money, and they aid you in ways like invisibility, or farther head starts. Use all the tips for the Subway Surfers title, and you’ll soon be on your way to a great score